Community Christmas Tree Festival


Our tree started life as an idea from the children, to make a mountain of capsules that would give visitors an impression of what goes on at weavers.  So after initial talks, sketches and brainstorming sessions we set out to gather our materials i.e. boxes from local business’.  We turned this into a competition of sorts, by having 2 teams trying to bring back the most.  Then began the big build.  Hours of design, cutting and gluing later, we were standing before our capsules ready to fill with a mobile of decorated bells by the children.  One of the children wanted to incorporate a pile of presents somewhere in the tree, this came to light in the Christmas tree capsule with the baubles with pictures of the children during various stages of the construction.  We held a competition to design the 4 stained glass windows, the 4 best ones were put in the tree.  The bell section shows a multitude of pics of all the fun stuff the children do here. bethnal green mission church



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