This playground has been going since 1974 and has adapted and change facilities to incorporate the needs of the community where possible it main aims are to provide a range of play opportunities to suit children’s individual needs and to encourage children to been involved in making choices on how their playground is run

“So its healthy food as well as accessible on site” 60% of the children agreed they would like food not just drinks and sweets the center provides sports, arts/crafts, adventure play, does trips out and camping along with various workshops.

Weavers did a survey and found 80% of Parents said that having the kitchen made useable and being able to offer Children & Young People healthy food and snacks would improve the Playground’s facilities.

60% of Parents expressed that they would like to volunteer and run the kitchen and do the cooking the kitchen needs a new cooker and cupboard space staff have health and hygiene training & children said want to be able to do more cooking using the kitchen space indoors. Parents stated they would like more activities they could do alongside their children.

100% of Parents said that Weavers Adventure Playground is just what their Children & Young People want and need

“Most people live in small flats, it is like the Children & Young People have their own garden to play in” having the tuck shop is what made it inviting of us parents to come and sit and watch our play,having good food they would stay longer, especially during the summer, as it is only place where the kids can play free with so much choice on various activities and work shops.

the children would also like to put up outside lighting the playground we have an outside sports pit and large play area with play structures but in the dark evenings it limits play out side the lighting would make a huge difference to the children play time.


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