Weavers Adventure Playground is a registered charity

Registered Charity Number 267157



Weavers Adventure Playground provides an exciting and stimulating environment for children and young people to play,learn, grow and develop.


The adventure playground includes the following activities, zip frame, ramps, bridges, swings, stilts and a high house, all built from telegraph poles and scaffolding. Also sports pitches. Many of the activities are out of doors also facilities for activities inside hall.



Weavers Adventure Playground allows children and young people to choose between playing in their large indoor space with games such as pool, bar football, darts, table tennis, board games, or Cooking and arts and crafts.



Children and young people  can also play outside with several different types of swings, play on the structures, play in the sandpit, make fire in the pit,  and make dens or camps.play on the large trampoline or high jumping onto the outdoor crash mats,



Weavers Adventure Playground caters for the diverse multicultural society that surrounds the area and we work actively towards an equal opportunity policy and encourage integration and welcome all. All children and young people and their families are welcome. Children under 8 years of age are welcome but must be accompanied and supervised by their parent/carer.


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